Liz feldman dating tegan quin

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Plus, the gorgeous and talented Kate Moennig chats with Liz and shows her how to cook “Beer Can Chicken.” And all we can say is, it gets real dirty, real fast!

About the show: A stand-up comic, writer, [...] Holy Love of all Lesbians! Join us for a limited run of your favorite low budget, super gay, internet chat show starring Liz Feldman!#Pay It Forward As we waited in the security line, Tegan and Sara walked by and immediately greeted us with lesbian handshakes.I also somehow ended up directly behind them going through the metal detectors and assumed this was the highlight of my evening. We got inside to the cocktail hour where it was suffocatingly hot.The discuss British slang for lesbians and what it’s like being naked in front of Ellen.Plus, Liz sits down with her adorable wife Rachael Cantu in a new segment called “What’s New, Cantu?Eboné and I did a quick loop to scope out the scene and decided to grab a drink.


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  4. Stuff You Should Know: Internet Roundup: The Worst Study Ever?

  5. They decided to part ways." Speculation about the couple’s recent split arose when the Dallas Cowboys quarterback and 14 of his friends partied at Hollywood hotspot My House on Friday night – Simpson's 29th birthday – without the birthday girl.

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