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With that many Chat Agents the company did well of course the company financial arrangement with Chat Agents would always be 60/40 tokens for tipping Chat Agents valued at .05 cent so which party was the winning party ?

As a engineer I often noticed Chat Agents wouldn't hang around long, true enough there was always those few Chat Agents that were doing very good but the majority of Chat Agents was not.

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Slot cams casino is the only live chat arena where Chat Agents receives 100% of their monies.

Chat Agents at Slot Cams Casino receives 100% of their money generated through clients playing the Slot cams casino Slot Machine.

We are a new company in the live chat industry , but advanced in business recognition, our direction and focus is on our Chat Agents and how we can put monies in their pockets , they are the business and in my opinion...deserve every penny of what they work for. Slot cams casino is a pay per minute chat arena with live free public chat and free guest registration.

Chat Agents are Chat Agents that are rewarded for their performances by their guests with tokens valued at .20 cent. Go to show selection....there will be 3 live private show jackpot selections for you to select from: cum-a-lot....jackpot pays tokens to customer for winning the cum-a-lot group show with Chat Agent won while playing the slot machine.

Your feedback and suggestions helps to make our live adult chat system better.

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You, along with the rest of our members will be able to listen to other people and even get on your own mic and talk with our broadcasters while you are chatting to each other you will be able to see each other on your webcams as well so you are easily communicating.

We understand that sometimes you just need to get a hold of a real person, that's why we're here for you 24 hours a day.

Please use the methods below to contact our customer support reps 24 hours a day!

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