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When is the time to consider the asset liquidation process?

The three main reasons businesses consider liquidating assets are 1) when assets are no longer needed (surplus assets), 2) the business needs additional working capital, or 3) to satisfy creditors.

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Generally though, this middle stage is completed within 6 months from the date the fiduciary is appointed.

A type of securities market in which there is broad-based selling of most securities at the same time, giving the effect of low and decreasing prices on most securities while selling volumes remain high.

sell by a certain date, auctions can be an effective exit.

Make no mistake — most auctioned properties don’t sell for top dollar.

Not all bundled properties are blue-light specials.

Some are turnkey properties in good condition and may even be rented and cash flowing nicely. It’s a mixed bag of international investors, large funds, group buyers, and individuals with deep pockets.Occasionally, buyers will bid the property up above market value, but it’s the exception rather than the rule.Auctioneers have to build a solid reputation, just as they have to build reliable local marketing channels.That’s how life is — sometimes it goes according to plan, but just as often it doesn’t. Here are five alternatives to selling the ol’ fashioned way, five contingency plans, five alternate exit strategies so that you’ll never find yourself trapped owning properties beyond their expiration date. Why not bundle them together and sell them as a package deal? The only difference in real estate investing is that the plan involves assets worth hundreds of thousands (or millions! That means that Plan B needs to be acceptable — fast and loss-free.Marshalling is the collecting of assets – selling real estate or personal property, transferring bank accounts in the estate account, liquidating stocks and other securities, and generally transferring all monies into the estate account.

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