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Despite that, though, they’re putting on a beautiful show.

Over the next few days the blossoms will gradually go from white to a pale pink.

I want us to support each other to glorify Him and share the blessings God gave us with the world. Note: Please have at least one photo posted or be prepared to explain why you do not have any photos posted.

Hi guys, I absolutely have no clue why I am here to be honest. I love to go hunting, fishing, camping, and even kayaking.

i am a person with a great heart,patient enough to cater to every problems that comes my way...i want people to be very good in me as i am also to them. Im energetic, active and i love sports..say im gorgeous but i guess what u can se the true beauty of a woman is w…

The crash of an ultralight aircraft in Maryland killed its pilot, police said.

I am adventurous and like to try something new every day. I graduated high school in 2011 and I am going to the local community college to study Psychology (which is close enough to Pastoring.) I love to learn about Religion, Theology, Science, Christian Apologetics, Philosophy, and Politics :peace:.

I love listening to God-honoring music, and playing video games are my favorite thing to do.

On average, the peak bloom occurs sometime around the last week or so of March through the first week or so of April.

I am a Christian man of God who is looking for the same in a woman. I love outdoor activities like tennis, swimming, also I like the beach. Must keep God first in any relationship and he should be our help too. I live to see the knowledge of His glory, cover the earth. I also love fun activities with friends - watching an action comedy together, sightseeing, having friends over for a BBQ/bible study. My church is very small and I'd like to meet more likeminded believers.

God said that a man should love his wife like he love the church. I am a sucker for good seafood but am just as happy eating an occasional hot dog while sitting by a campfire. "Rather than taking the approach that you need to take the truth out to people who need it, adopt the approach that you need to go find the truth that others have and you are missing. Never Been married, Bachelor's Degree in Business (Morehouse College) and Master's Degree in Business Administration, Introverted/Shy personality At Least Until I Get To Know Someone, Love of God and Family Comes Before Money/Career In Terms of Importance to Me.

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