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The place got globally known, when an American documentary film, 'Born into Brothels: Calcutta's Red Light Kids' won the Academy Award for Documentary Feature in 2004.UNODC interviewed Munni, sixteen years old, who shares how she was trafficked, made her escape, returned to the brothels and how the economy of her trade works.

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UNODC: Can you tell us how you came to be here at such a young age?

Munni: All I remember is I am from Bangladesh and I came here when I was ten years old.

As per details from Census 2011, West Bengal has population of 9.13 Crores, an increase from figure of 8.02 Crore in 2001 census.

Total population of West Bengal as per 2011 census is 91,276,115 of which male and female are 46,809,027 and 44,467,088 respectively.

I tell people I am a Hindu and that my name is Munni. Then on the third day she put make up on my face and made me stand along with the 20 other girls, for the men to pick their choice.

I am sixteen now but I tell people I am twenty years old. She looks after me, feeds me, even gives me money to buy saris (dresses) for Durga Puja. When I was little, a man came to my house and said he will keep me in a palace and that I will marry a prince but I have to do as he says. At first I did not understand what was happening and thought we would be selected to go to a new home.

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In 2001, total population was 80,176,197 in which males were 41,465,985 while females were 38,710,212.

The total population growth in this decade was 13.84 percent while in previous decade it was 17.84 percent.

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