Is xp still updating interraacial dating

Microsoft will be creating security updates for XP for years to come, but those updates won’t be available to normal users.

No, they’re just for large businesses and governments with money to burn.

But Microsoft still offers “custom support relationships” for organizations.

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Microsoft has stopped providing XP users with security updates, forcing them to either upgrade to another, newer operating system, or gamble with their safety.

While the latest usage figures show that a large portion of users are moving away from XP, there’s still a sizable number of users who aren’t -- or can’t.

Firefox is one of the only browsers to offer any support for Windows XP and Vista.

Microsoft itself ended support for Windows XP in 2014 and will end support for Windows Vista in 2017.

In fact, it gets updates even when Microsoft doesn't list it as getting updates.

In November, the marquee vulnerability fixed by Microsoft was So no problem, right? For reasons that Microsoft and we have explained repeatedly, Windows XP is not really securable by modern standards.

Unsupported operating systems receive no security updates, have known exploits, and can be dangerous to use, which makes it difficult to maintain Firefox on those versions.

Firefox security updates for XP and Vista users will continue until September 2017, although new features will not be offered.

It lacks features like ASLR that prevent many vulnerabilities or at least make them more difficult to exploit.


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