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Some inconsistent statements can be explained away as errors made by characters, regardless of Turtledove's intentions. The remaining mistakes can only be the result of error.

According to National Geographic, ‘We’ve become a country where race is no longer so black or white.' Indeed, The Pew Research Center has found that 15% of marriages in the US in 2010 were interracial, a number that is continually on the rise.

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You got the idea that not even opportunity would do much good for those other people, because of the culture they carried with them in their heads. Kaplan points to this phenomenon in his remarks about the slums of Istanbul, and how even amid their desperately poor circumstances, the Turkish poor eke out lives of order and dignity, in a way he did not see among their counterparts in other cultures.

This is a difficult topic to talk about, because it’s so freighted with emotion.

Those who have no pride–the opposite of which is not “humility”–typically act like it and tend to their places accordingly. By “pride,” I take Beyng to mean “healthy self-respect” — and I know what he means.

I grew up seeing this in the rural South, among white and black.

Inconsistencies between Venarium and Howard's series are listed at the Conan series' own wiki.

Most of the novel takes place in the alternate Roman Empire city of Polisso in Dacia Province, which we are told is the ruined city of Polissum in the home timeline.

There is a ruined city located in OTL in the place where Turtledove puts Polissum, but it is called Porolissum. No date is given for either of these stories in relation to each other; both take place some time around the turn of the thirtieth century.

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