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There’s this guy I really like and at first things were great.

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Remember, men like a chase and they want their woman to be worth a chase. Or you may try to spend all the time you can with him. While it may seem like a sign of him opening up to you, it could also mean that he looks at you as just another friend he doesn’t have to impress. Sometimes, you may just be a wee bit late in realizing that he’s a great catch.

Doing this doesn’t bring both of you close, instead it can make him hate your obsessive clinginess. All guys have their own preferences in a partner, be it the height, the color of a girl’s hair or even something as trivial as the way she laughs. Move on and find someone who likes you for who you are. He may like someone else or he may even be in a committed relationship with another great girl.

But somehow, he either doesn’t see the little hints or doesn’t do anything to reciprocate your love for him. So if you’re looking for signs on why he doesn’t like you back, here are a few good starter thoughts to think about.

[Read: Tips to get a boyfriend] But sometimes, you’d feel a lot better knowing why he’s ignoring you.

He probably was texting for the five days and then was like, “Wow, this is really time consuming and distracting from… ” Sometimes we can get caught up into thinking that the other person is being rude when our text message goes unanswered.

The truth is that when we send someone a text, we don’t know what they’re up to.

But in almost all cases, there’s a good chance his excuse for not falling in love with you may fit snugly in one of these 20 pointers. In your pursuit to make him see the dating potential in you, you may end up pushing him away by appearing too easy to get. You may want to create a lasting impression by being available for him at his beck and call. Does he talk about gross details you’d only share with your close friends?

You have to remember that all guys are different, and each of them may have their own reasons for the lack of interest.

But really, if you’ve experienced it, you’re reading your experience all wrong! If we don’t desire something and get it all of a sudden, we never really care too much for it.


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