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It does not follow that God could have fixed our minds and experiences to make us think we only felt things before last Thursday.

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The Bible mentions over 200 different animals, but of the 1,072 species of dinosaurs named by man, not one of them is mentioned. “One morning I woke up and something had happened in the night, and it struck me that I had been working on this [evolution] stuff for twenty years and there was not one thing I knew about it.

This is clear evidence that dinosaurs DIDN'T coexist with mankind and that a young earth view is unbiblical. That's quite a shock to learn that one can be so misled so long.

Although evolution has been demonstrated many times in the past the circumstances surrounding this particular experiment gave it a higher profile.

Ken Ham and Liberty University affiliate Andrew Fabich lied outright about the contents of the paper publishing the results of this experiment during Ham's debate with Bill Nye.

His group did not use genetic engineering to modify the organism (to design it), it was produced entirely by the evolutionary process.

It is another beautiful example of evolution in action and a fascinating example of potentiating mutations.This was an entirely new ability for this species — an increase in complexity provided by a beneficial mutation.This beneficial trait was then fixed in the population by natural selection.It is also important to notice that before acquiring this ability the bacteria acquired a previous potentiating mutation which, although it was not clearly beneficial at the time, subsequently allowed the descendants of that potentiated group the ability to process citrate after a further mutation.Furthermore frozen ancestors of that group, and only the frozen ancestors of that group, retained the ability to re-evolve that favorable trait.A 30-year veteran in his field, Armitage has published many studies over the years in peer-reviewed journals.

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