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C.’s Stockholm syndrome—a coping mechanism for having settled for a steady, dull job in a too-small town with deficient natural lighting.

The singles scene in New York City is a little crazy, maybe even certifiably so.

“This is a city with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, but only in the best ways,” says Rachel Harrison, a Brooklyn-based public relations exec.

I told her that readers would be grateful for any further details she might provide, which reminded Nidia that I had readers, and therefore an illegitimate reason for visiting Events and Adventures. “Based on what you’ve told me, I won’t be able to offer you admission to the club,” she said.

“Your goals aren’t a good match for our members.” And just like that, my date with Events and Adventures was over.

Los Angeles residents are not like the rest of us, they said. A.: It looked like skeletal Asian models pair-bonding with balding producers over low-calorie cocktails.

At the time, I wrote off the soothsaying as another symptom of what I had come to see as D.I told her I was hoping to get a girlfriend, and also an article about the Houston dating scene for “What does the service cost,” I asked, suddenly realizing I was on a date with Events and Adventures and it wasn’t going too well; hence the instinct to redirect.Nidia told me that she couldn’t discuss fees until I’d been invited to join the Events and Adventures club, which hadn’t happened yet.In partnership with AXE Deodorant Bodyspray Hooking that hottie is hard enough without the odds stacked against you, so the city researchers at Sperling’s Best Places have identified for you "America’s Best and Worst Cities for Dating." The study is based on criteria that includes percentage of singles ages 18-24, population density, and dating venues per capita such as concerts, coffee shops, bars, bowling alleys, etc., and includes 80 metro areas in America. We teamed up with AXE Deodorant Bodyspray, which specializes in the dating game, to find out which city is revered as the D. When I decided to end my eight-year stint in Washington, D. and decamp to Los Angeles last summer, my friends in the capital looked at me like I had announced plans to eject myself into space.


  1. Miejski Speed Dating zaprasza na 7-minutowe randki dla singli. Idea Speed Dating pozwala w krótkim czasie poznawać wiele osób o podobnych i zupełnie odmiennych zainteresowaniach w zależności od rodzaju randki (randki klasyczne i tematyczne).

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