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If you follow your horoscope, you’ve probably read about how romantic or commitment-shy each zodiac sign can be — Capricorns win in the romance department, btw!

— but do you know what a person's zodiac sign says about how they feel about sex? Sexual astrology is a real thing and we're here to explore which zodiac sign you're most sexually compatible with.

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But be aware: Everything you do, such as clicking on a profile, can be seen by the other person. Its users tend to be slightly older and more established and conservative than Ok Cupid’s. To unlock all the features of, you must pay.

If you want to hide your stalker tendencies, pony up the $9.95 a month for the “A-List” membership, which allows you to see all your profile’s visitors without their seeing you. With a subscription, you can see who’s viewed your profile, contact other people through emails or instant messages and reply via your cell phone.

Rolling around with just anyone could lead to an experience that lacks much passion and meaning on both ends, so listen up and you can learn how to avoid that.

Zodiac signs compatibility is a real thing when it comes to sex and, with the help of Phyllis Vega, author of , we put together a breakdown of which zodiac sign you're most sexually compatible with and what your astrology sign indicates about your overall sexual style, turn-offs, and turn-ons.

Learning about a person’s zodiac sign can definitely give you an idea of whether or not you’ll be sexually compatible with them.

There's a lot that goes into a relationship — including time, effort and energy — and sexual compatibility is definitely a biggie.Here’s what you need to know before you start cruising … , examination of Internet dating sites, this seems to hold true.If you’re younger, hipper and on the more liberal side, you’ll probably like Ok Cupid.Between hitting the red carpet in cleavage-baring dresses, and tweeting photos of herself in bikinis, she clearly has no qualms about showing off her assets. Most self-admitted gamer chicks have braces and acne... By all estimates she’s the total package: a nerd that also happens to have one of the hottest racks in Hollywood.Munn and her chest have a lot in common — they’re The “Firework” singer is so proud of what her mama gave her, she’s been known to perform wearing miscellaneous items (like cupcakes and whipped cream cans) over her breasts.Do you know which signs enjoy role-playing or which signs like to keep their style vanilla?


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