Gretsch round badge dating

Fred Gretsch continues to own the company to this day (2017).In 2000, Gretsch entered into an agreement with Kaman Music which granted them exclusive rights to manufacture Gretsch USA Custom and Signature drums.He expanded the business, moving it to a new ten-story building at 60 Broadway Street. handed over the family business to his son, Fred Gretsch Jr., after retiring in 1942. left to serve in WWII as a Navy commander, leaving the business in the hands of his younger brother, William Walter "Bill" Gretsch.

There are a lot of ways to pinpoint a range of dates in determining the age of your drums.

The silver interior paint, gretsch paper tags and the number of plys in the shell.

Here is an overview of the badges used on Gretsch Drums throughout the company’s history.

Over those years, the imaging varied slightly on the RB.

In 1984, Gretsch was bought back by a member of the Gretsch family, Fred W.

Gretsch, the son of the late William "Bill" Gretsch and great-grandson of original company founder Friedrich Gretsch.Please support this web site project and visit our special links pages for Ebay, Amazon and other music merchants online.Click Here after you are done with your research and if you plan on buying anything on Ebay, Amazon or other select music merchants. This page has different sections to help you determine what your Gretsch drums are.Most snare badges were fitted with 3/8." data-largesrc="/sites/default/files/history/01_Original_Badge.png" data-title="Original Round Badge1883-1971" dates="" dating-system="" digits="early-'60s;" drum="" drums="" earlier="" equally-famous="" eyelets.="" factory.="" fitted="" five="" for="" four="" from="" great="" gretsch="" grommets.="" guarantee="" guitar="" hand-stamped="" have="" here="" hex-head="" in="" indigo="" ink="" internal="" is="" labels="" less="" like="" little="" manufacture.="" metal="" model="" nickel-over-brass="" number:="" numbers="" of="" offer="" or="" orange="" pre-printed="" pressure-fitted="" rather="" rb="" reasonably="" reliable="" round-head="" s="" screws="" serial="" shaped="" shell="" shortly="" six="" snare="" sound="" started="" than="" that="" the="" to="" unlike="" usually="" were="" white="" with=""This brass badge had the Gretsch logo embossed on it in block type with an elongated “T” in the middle of the name. The bottom of the badge uses the famous slogan, “That Great Gretsch Sound”.To the left of the brass grommet is the word “Drums” and “U. As always, we are learning and researching and adding new items to this web site.

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