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Supposedly, the seventeen-year-old Russian Internet mogul is in the process of creating an algorithm to identify and weed out all the penises. "When I first heard about it in February or March ... Such is the challenge of simulcasting, said Bender.I thought it emblematized everything that's wrong with the world today," said Jonathan Bender, a local theater director who recently seized upon the site as a source of inspiration. "This is a completely new form for performers," he explained.

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The site added several adult-themed "channels," as well as a "local" channel for people who want to talk to -- or date -- webcammers who live nearby.

Some of the features appeared to be down for maintenance on Monday, but the blog Tech Crunch says the adult channels have proved to be the most popular.

It was even parodied in an episode of south park season 14 on the episode called "you have 0 friends).

Due to some controversial content (1-8 feeds being of an adult nature) it is not recommended for kids.

People who log onto the site with a webcam are thrown into a video conversation with a stranger, who, according to one analyst's report, is likely to be a stranger without pants more than 10 percent of the time. Chatroulette," citing lewd material on the site as the reason it will die a fad. But on Friday, Ternovskiy proposed a solution: Track down the naked offenders and turn them in to the cops.

Meanwhile, the site's founder, a Russian teenager named Andrey Ternovskiy, continues to say that he's out to create a "perfect video world" where people can talk across national borders and beyond social cliques and demographics. "With the help of a few good developers we've started collecting information, such as IP addresses, logs and screen captures of offenders who actually break US/UN laws by broadcasting innapropriate [sic] content in a specific situations," he writes.

Created by andrey ternovskiy ( a 17 year old high school student from moscow). After its launch in november 2009 it got 500 visitors perday which soon rocketed to 50 000.

Its rising popularity has got it featured on such tv shows,websites and news articals like the new york times, good morning america, tosh.0 and the daily show with jon stewart.

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