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The great thing about having a portal is that you don’t have to set up the call.It’s already there—you just need to walk up to the screen.

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This is a web based instant 1 on 1 private online video conferencing solution.

It's a solution for conducting easy to setup face to face meetings without leaving your office or home.

Software generates a room link that is sent to the other person using any method (email/text messenger/sms).

By using that link both parties get instantly face to face on big video panels. All is browser based and works on almost any platform (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux). When both participants connect it automatically tries to establish a RTMFP connection and stream video peer to peer.

That’s why distributed companies like Foursquare have created an alternative to the traditional video call.

At Foursquare, they use something that they call “The Portal,” which is an always-on video conferencing platform that’s constantly running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with one end in New York City and the other end in San Francisco.

To make a long story short, the benefits are considerable and much better than the alternatives!

You can still study just like you can in person except that you can’t see as much at once and the sound may be a bit different coming through microphones.

One of the most painful aspects of having a distributed or remote team is something that’s incredibly basic: video conferencing.

Video calls are the main way to get face-to-face time with your colleagues in other offices or working from home, so you may be doing multiple calls per day.

For each one, it takes at least 5 minutes to create the call, coordinate everyone to join the call, and get the audio and video working properly.

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