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But the NBA made a bit of a mistake with its latest game.

No posing models like "someone" who wins often awards here.

BBC Airs NSFW Nude Scene During Live News Broadcast --- Boobs flash! A woman was shown performing a sultry strip tease in the background of a BBC News broadcast on Monday night, catching some eagle-eyed viewers by surprise.

The Oh-Dometer is a fun and flirty way of logging and tracking your orgasms over time and even set weekly goals.

When connected to your partner, you may even send an alert to your partner that you achieved an Orgasm—and send a note to them from our selection of stock messages or create your own.

You can scan your face with the PS4 camera and create a basketball player that looks like you. The only problem is that the scanner doesn't work as well as advertised. Take a look."This is what an "average scan" of my face in NBA 2K15 looks like.

"Twitter users continued sending in their horrifically rendered characters.

Sundays are a day of rest, relaxation, and reflection.

But it's also a day to recharge from that long week.

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The Oh-Dometer will track and chart your orgasms over time and let you know, on average when you are having orgasms with an Oh-Zone chart. Compatible with all Oh Mi Bod vibrators except Lovelife and the Club Vibe line.


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