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Campers are required to carry out all garbage, including solid human waste and toilet paper. The areas with designated sites are summarized below: There are several areas in which no sites are designated and camping is not allowed.

The Shafer Basin, which forms the viewshed of Dead Horse Point State Park and is important bighorn sheep habitat, has no sites.

Find all BC recreation sites in the BC Backroad Mapbooks.

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Whatever name you give it, it falls under the category of “dry camping” because you are living in your RV without hooking it up to city water, sewer or electricity.

This post describes the different kinds of boondocking spots that are available and how to locate them.

Sacramento is an alternative and is close to an assortment of restaurants.

Auburn Chamber of Commerce (530) 885-5616Best Inn (530) 885-1800 Foothills Motel (530) 885-8444 Sleep Inn (530) 888-7666 Travelodge (530) 885-7025 Super 8 Motel (530) 888-8808 Holiday Inn (530) 887-8787 Forest House (530) 367-2840 Power's Mansion House (530) 885-1166Buckeye Tree Lodge (559) 561-5900 River Inn (cabins available) (559) 561-4367 Best Western (559) 561-4119 Comfort Inn (800) 331-2140 Lazy J Ranch (559) 561-4449 Fairfield Inn (559) 636-7600 Kaweah Motel (559) 592-2961 Shoshone Inn (559) 561-1600 Lemon Cove Camp & RV Park (559) 597-2346For those of you venturing into the high country of Sequoia National Forest and Sequoia National Monument, don't miss Lower Peppermint campground on the Lloyd Meadow Road just north of Johnsondale.

No camping is allowed within one mile of developed recreation sites in the Canyon Rims Recreation Area.

If you have any questions about primitive camping restrictions please contact the Moab BLM Office at (435) 259-2100.

There is nothing like the feeling of freedom of setting up camp an ideal, secluded, picturesque campsite out in the hinterlands somewhere.

Not in a campground, and not in an RV park, but camping somewhere on the gorgeous public lands that have been set aside by the government for recreational purposes.

Reserve and See your Upper Kern Class III-IV, Class V Thunder Run, Lower Kern, or Forks of the Kern travel information for local motels (Please note: all of our Kern trips meet in Kernville and lodging information is the same on all travel information sheets.) Kernville Chamber of Commerce web site is a mountain of information as well.


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