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They play 2 escaped convicts who come upon a house.

But the second after he pulled a cheeky bicep pose, the woman siting in the seat behind leapt to her feet and ripped off her jacket.

Wearing a grey vest top she spread her enormous arms out on either side of her then looked down to the guy and flashed him a grin.

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The unnamed woman's physique display has so far racked up over 3.6 million hits on You Tube. #Throw Back Thursday The feeling you get when your 3 scoops of Myo-Blitz XS kicks in!!

Election news coverage can get a little mundane at times, but one woman's bold move gave a reporter's story a whole new level of spice.

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It happened so quickly Suratos didn't even catch her scurrying off camera before his segment ended.

It was supposed to be a simple story on a 3K/per couple Hillary Clinton fundraiser in SF.

A variety of over 20 girls at the Europa Strongwoman.

This 8 minute video features a variety of girls warming up and then in competition with the 'Circus Dumbell Lift' where they compete as to who can do the most weight with a one-handed lift over their head. This is a short animation created by me (James Cook) to showcase some new type of content.

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SEE ALSO: 'Meanest mom ever' teaches her kids a hard lesson on manners NBC Bay Area reporter Pete Suratos was in the middle of doing a live shot on Friday about Hillary Clinton's fundraiser in San Francisco when a woman pulled off one of the most risqué photobombs of all time.

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