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[review] An emergency solution to avoid crashing Approval Request Comment [Feature/regressing bug #]: WARP (37) [User impact if declined]: Startup crashes [Risks and why]: We should not MOZ_CRASH on startup, cause that's bad. I'm not sure I like where I end up, there are some artifacts (close, minimize, maximize buttons don't show up), but it doesn't crash. EXE") and if this returns a valid handle, Window Blinds immediately returns failure from D3D11Create Device and we proceed to MOZ_CRASH. Not a good workaround in general, there is other code (not written by us, things like driver workarounds and such) that depend on this name, but good to know. Note that while Firefox starts without crashing, it does have some visual issues with different theme applied (missing titlebar) - see Google Chrome has the same visual issues if that matters in any way.Possible workaround for the people that are stuck with this - perhaps post in sumo - if they do have windowblinds, and they switch back to Windows Aero theme, the crash should go away. I don't know how much of the problem is due to windowblinds changing the "substyle". [review] Don't MOZ_CRASH if WARP fails Approval Request Comment [Feature/regressing bug #]: WARP (36) [User impact if declined]: Many crashes [Describe test coverage new/current, Tree Herder]: None yet [Risks and why]: should just fall back to the path we use on Vista/XPWell, people at Mozilla is very busy fixing this problem, so for anyone finding an answer here, says OK to perform a manual update under Mac.

If you are running Firefox 40 Stable you may want to check for updates right away to download and install those.

While you may not be affected by the issues directly, it is usually better to run the latest version of the browser. If it finds any, it will download and install the latest provided that you have not modified the update settings of the browser. Now You: Have you noticed issues in the latest version of Firefox?

If you run Firefox Stable, you are probably wondering about those updates.

According to the release notes, they fix two issues in Firefox and add one new feature to it at the same time: The new "feature" fixes an issue on Windows 10 where a click on the "let's do it" button to set Firefox as the default browser on Windows 10 lead to a Windows message instead of opening the default settings app which users have to use to set Firefox as the default browser.

See also: If you cannot inspect the certificate by "I understand the risks", then try this: Open the "Add Security Exception" this URL chrome by pasting into the address bar of Firefox and check the certificate: You can check details such as the issuer and the certificate chain in the Details tab of the certificate display. If necessary, you can attach a screenshot that shows the display of the certificate.

Okay, I am about to lose it, literally, because I cannot resolve this issue, and this is the ‘only’ place I know of where I can get some sound advice.

I had recently wiped my hard drive clean, to do a fresh install of Windows 7.

My registry was becoming a little cluttered, and after about a year and a half of installing, updating, and upgrading software, I felt as though my system needed a fresh start.

Shared components used by Firefox and other Mozilla software, including handling of Web content; Gecko, HTML, CSS, layout, DOM, scripts, images, networking, etc.

Issues with web page layout probably go here, while Firefox user interface issues belong in the Firefox product.

Now, neither Internet Explorer nor Fire Fox will open. This machine is an XP machine, and was working yesterday. I can get the latest one, but uninstalling and reinstalling NIS is a pain, if I have to take the patch(es) too.


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