Fake pictures on dating sites

People are generally using these pictures for their privacy and scam the people.

Same website owners are also using fake pictures to scam people on dating websites.

The profiles first go through automated screening software, which flags both traits in the profile, such as certain ethnicities, and things that aren't visible in the profile, such as certain IP addresses and even certain passwords that scammers seem to like more than other people.

It seems all that I have come across do not have real/true information... I sent the company an email to complain, but they didn't reply.

And when I clicked on a picture, the city and/or state changed to someplace nearby... There has to be a legitimate adult dating site out there. "Welcome, Stephen, and thanks to my colleague, sexuality expert Cory Silverberg, for sending you my way.

The twisted logic behind this is usually that they feel they can come across such a nice person when you meet that you will somehow forgive them for looking absolutely nothing like the photos.

Obviously this is completely twisted logic and points in many cases to that person having significant emotional issues, making them highly unsuitable to forgive!

The problem is that you could be putting yourself into potentially dangerous situations.

Before you go out with anyone, you need to take the responsibility for your own well-being, and research the individual; I cannot stress this enough.

As with most things in life, if it seems too good to be true then it probably is. Sometimes the backgrounds in the photos can giveaway clues as to their location and when they were taken.3.

Stephen asks: "I am trying to find a 'real' adult dating site. The people on there either do not exist or are trumped up.

If the person that you are investigating cares about you, they should not be offended that you care enough about yourself to be cautious.

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