Error consolidating itunes library

This is one of the most frustrating arising issues whenever you update and sync your i Phone to i Tunes.

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To reset all of Dupin's alerts, launch Dupin and open its Preferences pane.

Click the "Reset Warnings" button, close out of Preferences and re-launch Dupin.

You can download high quality i Tunes songs that Apple has matched at no charge, to your i OS devices.

As we noted in our tutorial, this makes for a great way to upgrade the quality of your music collection. Google’s service requires you to upload the actual files, up to 20,000 songs, to their servers.

i Tunes Error 54 appears when a file on the computer or i Phone is locked or is a permission error either on your computer or the i OS device.

It mostly occurs when you try to sync your i Phone, or other i OS devices using When i Tunes Error 54 happens, your content will not sync.

Google Music All Access is the new subscription based service from Google that combines your existing music collection with access to thousands of albums for a monthly fee of .99 or just .99 if you subscribe before June 30th. If this sounds appealing, you might find yourself asking how to move your i Tunes library to Google Music.

Thankfully, Google makes it relatively easy and it doesn’t physically move your files, so as an i OS user, you won’t be adversely affected.

Prior to the announcement of All Access, Google Play Music has been in many ways, very similar to i Tunes Match.


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