Defining and validating transformations of uml models dating pumping ru

A plug & play architecture, in which individual functions can be easily combined and configured with each other thereby forms the basis for this success.

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For mission critical web-enabled tools, no other solution comes close.

In this work we present a new profile to extend the UML metamodel; in particular we focus on the activity diagram.

This extended model is applied to an industry problem involving loading and transportation of minerals in the field of mining process.

Profiles provide an easy way to obtain well-defined specifications, regulated by the Object Management Group (OMG).

They can be used as a presimulation technique to obtain solid models for the mining industry. The model provides clarity and control over the application and is a time- and money-saving tool for companies racing to deliver extremely reliable products in short timeframes. UML modeling is a way to create a dynamic, interactive visual model of an application being developed.UML is an industry standard and serves as a modeling basis for emerging standards in other areas like OIM, CWM etc.As of today there exist a variety of UML vocabularies for describing object models, datatypes, database schemas, transformations etc.XMI, the current standard for encoding UML in XML by OMG, does not offer this capability. For example, if a third party were to refine the concept "Event" defined in UML statecharts into say "External Event" and "Internal Event", it would not be possible to serialize the corresponding event instances in XMI.


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