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Director Annekatrin Hendel challenged herself to try and shine a spotlight on Germany’s enfant terrible in her newest documentary, “Fassbinder.” Using archival footage and unprecedented access to Fassbinder’s friends and family, Hendel paints a picture more whole than anyone dreamed of doing.

While most directors had been turned down by the Rainer Werner Fassbinder Foundation when optioning to make a documentary about the director, Hendel stood out.

READ MORE: Reality Checks: How Tribeca Became a Major Documentary Festival Not only did the German push his own limits as to what he was cinematically capable of accomplishing, he also embodied the traits of a true singular filmmaker.

Fassbinder did not pigeon-hole himself into the director’s chair, frequently performing the duties of writer, art director, actor, editor, sound mixer, producer and anything else that he could do.

Saying that Rainer Werner Fassbinder was a prolific filmmaker is quite the understatement.

The man’s frenetic filmmaking pace allowed him to leave behind over forty films in his repertoire, all in the relatively short career that spanned a little more than fifteen years.

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