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Smith #79789 8/5 Michael Alden #701448 8/24 Joshua Hackney #929921 8/7 Christopher Warren #17343-055 8/25 Bennie Bobo #k71531 8/8 Daris Boles #895173 8/26 Darin Pitcher #AW3181 8/8 Noel Stephens #20479-055 8/27 Malissa Williams #189776 8/10 Misty Roberts #219911 8/28 Stephanie Haupert #6304143 8/16 Michael Medina #28858-180 8/29 Christopher Lewis #312948 8/16 Diego Mendez #362399 8/30 Rosemary Halley #727465 8/20 Megan Smith (24), Wyoming Only God can judge me but only the Devil will take me. Meaning I am open-minded, non-judgmental, honest, loyal, respectful and above all I am real. Andrew Hamara (30), Pennsylvania I am currently incarcerated.

Women Behind Bars prison pen pal concept creates a way for female prisoners to have a better chance of rehabilitation and establish themselves back in society.

Ideas of becoming a pen pal while in prison exploded when female inmates were helped.

Write a prisoner and let an inmate know they still matter.

These women are looking to change their lives through a relationship; personal, spiritual or both.

I have a vagina, not a penis and I also have 720cc's DD gel-implants. Before I had my name changed I went by Adam, Frank Cory, Laboucan.

I am a kind hearted person and I have a huge heart. I am a great writer and have been published several times. Please don't write me if you can't handle my criminal offence or transgenderism.


Linda's book will definitely open the reader's eyes to a new world that not many care to think about.

For the dudes (or the ladies) who can’t find a decent date, why not try a more captive audience … Three new online dating sites, Prison Inmates, Cellblockmail, and Meet-An-Inmate allow you to find the prisoner pen pal of your dreams.

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