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Here sports fans come to cheer on their teams just as many Irish couples first meet one another amidst the jolly chatter and clinking mugs of the pub.

It heralded a remarkable period of creativity for the Irish writer.

During that year of 1914, Joyce, as well as correcting .

Joyce, for whom dates were significant, had hoped that it be published in May which he considered a lucky month.

But it was another publication earlier in the year by (on his birthday February 2nd - as he was to remind the editor later) - that was the significant breakthrough.

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I think the time has come for my luck-less book to appear.' Professor Joseph Nugent, Boston College, on the writing and publication of James Joyce's ' Dubliners' Before he had heard from Richards he received an unsolicited letter from the American poet Ezra Pound.

Having been encouraged to contact Joyce by WB Yeats, Pound said he would look at anything Joyce might send and possibly assist publication in England or the US with magazines with which he was associated. says I imagine we have a hate or two in common: but that is a problematical bond or introduction.' Even before Joyce replied Pound followed up with a direct request to use the poem ' I hear an Army' in an anthology he was compiling and for which he would pay. Joyce, encouraged by this interest, gave permission, sent Pound , January 15th 1913.

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