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pluginver=bookmark_1.0&url=".$Image URL); If you have an example URL of google and it also contains the original image URL, you can just replace the target Grmpf... Searched around in the addon and found this in the bootstrap.js: image_url= note that, for whatever reason, that page makes my K-meleon go up to the hills of my CPU. This is from Firefox taken with the Screen Grab add-on (how I'd wish this in K-meleon) to show you how it looks in K-meleon. Regarding screengrab, am using the ancient tiny Faststone Capture tool, last freeware version.

image_url=imageurl But doesn't seem to work, google redirects to a normal search pagesiria Grmpf... Searched around in the addon and found this in the bootstrap.js: Not tried with lowering the walls yet, only cookies, referer etc. My test macro: rev Google IMG _rev Google IMG_Build Menu $On Init=$On Init."_rev Google IMG_Build Menu;"; $macro Modules=$macro Modules."rev Google IMG;"; What I do is enable compat Mode with preference "general.useragent.compat Mode.firefox" what gives in K-meleon 75 the following user-agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 5.0; rv:31.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/31.0 K-Meleon/75.0 What I meant by newer, I tried to mean nothing below from what 7x.x versions use as Gecko/Firefox version. Very happy with it, can even auto-scroll to catch whole pages Made macro long ago which simply creates a button and calls the exe, but ended up prefering the direct link outside KM.

Some individuals, even though, aren't searching for courting.

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Profile settings in only store users settings that are *different* from default, so copying it over can still results in different settings ;-) I see what you mean. Now comes the interesting part: I set it back to false, and not only did that black screen disappear, but there's none of the brief interval I mentioned earlier in which a blank screen appears just before page loading. I guess a lot depends on a user's hardware and/or OS version.

I have tried to make the start time reporting slightly more accurate than keeping an eye on the second hand of a watch.

----- Just checked: KM75=false, KM76=true That means the default setting has changed.

Just a tiny nitpick, from peeking inside: Extension "[email protected]" is contained 2x, and its limits the use to older versions than 76. The other thing, although trivial, is that the browser's background color is black during the very short interval before a page has loaded. Right now I'm using 75, but the settings I was using in 76 RC had been copied over from my 75 profile, so 76 RC has it as false, as well.

image_url=imageurl But doesn't seem to work, google redirects to a normal search page Hmm, thanks, but still nothing. tested with Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:40.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/40.0 Mozilla/5.0 (Android 7.0; Mobile; rv:51.0) Gecko/51.0 Firefox/51.0 Does it really work for you? In other versions, using the user agent override preference should be enough. The trick is that you cannot get the page of Google reverse image search by 1 click - Google gives unique IDs to every image searched for similar in realtime.

Thank you for the very detailed and clear explanations!

I must come up with a way to measure startup times with accuracy. siria Comparing Beta 3 to RC startup times, I am showing 6 seconds with disk cache and adblock for beta 3 and less than 1 second for RC without disk cache and without adblock. I've just tried out 76 RC, using my profile and settings from 75. id=263008, you can play the vedio when Flashblock disabled or add it to the Flashblock whitelist, but you can't play it when Flashblock enabled and try to click the flashplay button.

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