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I welcome you to our breakfast on this Saturday morning. Despite all that’s going on and all […] » Read more (Bloomberg – – January 26, 2016) After almost two years on the outside, signs are growing that Russia may soon be invited in from the cold.

It’s this kind of morning meal where you don’t usually have the chance to eat anything. The worsening of crises from Syria to Libya are forcing the international community to reconsider sanctions slapped on President Vladimir Putin’s government over Ukraine as a way of getting a key diplomatic power […] » Read more Your readers might be interested in the “Détente NOW!

The site, called Hamilton 68, which was launched on August 2, is a project of the Alliance for Securing Democracy, […] » Read more (Interfax – July 13, 2017) Moscow denies that it is meddling in German elections, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has said. At first glance, the support seemed entirely emotional. meant, in large part, to reassure America’s nervous allies in Europe that the […] » Read more (– August 29, 2008) “We are not going to play by some special rules of our own. 5 partner as trade war hits EU worse Boeing, Cargill, Yum! Petersburg this week: Russia’s reliance […] » Read more A new draft of Germany’s “white book,” the country’s security doctrine, has ruffled feathers in Russia over the description of Moscow as a rival instead of a partner. is that behind the scenes, her government has long since developed concrete plans for a step-by-step easing of the sanctions against Russia and that the process could begin as early as this year. the message has been that the trade and travel restrictions will only be lifted once all the provisions foreseen by […] » Read more Job advert Centre for East European and International Studies (Zentrum für Osteuropa- und internationale Studien) The German Bundestag has allocated funds to enhance expertise on Russia and Eastern Europe in Germany.

“We are, of course, flattered that we are being portrayed as a country which decides the fate of the world, both in the US and Germany,” he said, responding to a question about alleged Russian interference in German elections. Officially, besides his native Russian, Putin speaks English and German – a language he used on a daily basis in his past career for the Soviet security services (KGB) while deployed in the city of Dresden in East Germany during the 1980s. But there was also a rational interest: Trump was open to lifting sanctions, after all. We want everyone to follow the same rules that are also referred to as international law.” Thomas Roth: Mr Prime Minister, After the escalation of tensions in Georgia, the Western public and politicians, as well as the press and other people, believe […] » Read more (Bloomberg – – Jake Rudnitsky, Ilya Arkhipov – June 15, 2016) U. Opinions vary drastically: Some say this is “absolutely no sign of confrontation,” while others believe Berlin is embarking on a strategy of “military antagonism” with Moscow. On this basis, the Federal Government is establishing the Centre for East European and International Studies (ZOi S) […] » Read more Now that the U. is only sending one—not two—battalions for the alliance military force on the eastern flank, there is a big question regarding which country will fill the void. [NATO] has been working on a plan to step up its deterrence of Russia by creating a force of about 4,000 troops, a battalion for Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and […] » Read more (– February 13, 2016) Dmitry Medvedev: Mr Buechele, colleagues.

and by according to inviolable tradition voluntarily delegates all power […] » Read more (Article ©2017 RFE/RL, Inc., Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty – – Aug.

3, 2017 – also appeared at WASHINGTON — A pro-democracy group has launched a new website to monitor and highlight what it says is Russian-backed disinformation on Twitter. with the #German chancellor simply saying she hoped some of the sanctions could be lifted if Moscow helped make significant progress in implementing the Minsk peace plan.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is the darling of Russia hawks because of her steadfast insistence on Ukraine-related sanctions against the Kremlin. with the #German chancellor simply saying she hoped some of the sanctions could be lifted if Moscow helped make significant progress in implementing the Minsk peace plan.

But if she wins the […] » Read more (Paul Goble – Window on Eurasia – Staunton, August 3, 2017) Many people accuse Vladimir Putin of destroying Russia, film director Andrey Konchalovsky says; but instead “Russia has destroyed Putin” because like any Russian ruler, he finds it hard “rule a state whose population has no idea about democracy … * * * The sanctions […] » Read more (– Sochi, May 2, 2017) President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, I would like to begin by thanking the Federal Chancellor for coming to Sochi and for the opportunity to have a meaningful conversation on preparations for the upcoming July G20 meeting in Hamburg, and review urgent matters on the bilateral agenda, as well as […] » Read more “A year-long investigation into potential Russian interference with German politics has failed to uncover evidence of Kremlin-backed meddling, Süddeutsche Zeitung reported Monday.

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