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From to even 0 or even more for a single pickup, there are many to choose from, be it from big names such as Dimarzio and Seymour Duncan, as well as other small winders.

Truth is, all of them sound great in their own way, what you get, though, are different tastes.

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Gibson pickups have arguably done more to change the direction of guitar development than any other.

When the brand developed the first humbucker in 1955, it inadvertently provided music with a new, more raucous voice.

I know PAF replicas are probably the pickups everyone go to when it comes to handwound pickups.

But especially people over here at know how good the tone of a set of T-tops can be.

All Re Wind humbuckers are machine wound, unpotted, use rough cast Al Ni Co magnets, 42 AWG plain enamel wire, vintage correct braided shield pushback hookup leads, butyrate bobbins, maple spacers, period-correct alloy metals, the most authentic machined steel keeper bars, threaded baseplates and other materials. The rest of the specifications for this set are determined by the date range selected in the "Headstock Serial Date" dropdown menu.

Choose a nickel or gold finish and select "Lightly Aged" or "Vintage Pulls Series" covers and aging. Not by figures and measured specifications, but by availability and chance. This is how actual PAFs were selected for guitars by Gibson in the 1950's and 1960's.First place winner of the 2013 Canadian PAF Shootout, the PAF-1 Set represents the fat, bold and woody side of the PAF range. Thick and vocal sounding with an extremely harmonically rich and broad midrange, still with the breathy clarity in the very top end of the treble that Re Wind has become well know for.These pickups are exact replicas of two different 1959 PAFs, both being rather hot examples. Every single turn of all four coils has been painstakingly captured and recreated on a highly precise CNC coil winder setup to lay the wire down with the exact same pattern as the original coils the entire way through.The PAF is the name given to the original Gibson pickup developed in 1955 by Seth Lover.


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