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This is a not an uncommon question that many couples ask themselves about the condition of their current relationship status.

This is a very interesting question because most couples have a hard time understanding what exclusivity actually means.

These are both types of relationships, but in many ways are not exclusive.

Exclusivity, when it comes to a boyfriend and girlfriend generally means that the two of you are dating exclusively, that means seeing no one else and attending most social events as a couple.

this girl that i'm dating, we just agreed that our dating is exclusive to just us. she said, that's just how she believes dating should be and so i share the same sentiments.

my question is, what's the difference between a girlfriend/boyfriend...A helpful way to understand the difference is to look at the type of language used by people in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship compared to the language we might choose to use when being courted: Boyfriend/girlfriend relationship: to each other in the first place.However, it does not mean it’s kind, loving or Christ-like for a man to pursue a woman and then pursue someone else at the same time (especially if he had communicated serious interest in her). I was My exgf of two relationships ago is about to get hurts! Both sons have good relationship with my new husband.In the old television shows kids in high school used the term ‘going steady’ to signify to the world that they were dating exclusively and would refer to the other as either their boyfriend or girlfriend.


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