Dating british postcards

Collections can be protected in a safety deposit box, which is cool, dry, dark, and theft proof. If you wish to display your framed collection, do not place items in direct sunlight.

When having your items framed, be sure to request museum mounting.

If the shop doesn't know what you are talking about, select another store.

In addition to the index, posts were updated with historical information, new postcards added with more to come every month from storage files, while some posts were completely rewritten or edited for corrections.

Three articles have been added and are worth reading.

Most vintage postcard collectors focus on themes, like Christmas, Halloween, portraits of movie stars, European royalty and U. presidents, wartime imagery, and photos of natural disasters.

Not to mention cards featuring colorful pictures by famous artists like Alphonse Mucha, Harrison Fisher, Ellen Clapsaddle, and Frances Brundage.Beginning in October, 2015, the blog was redesigned to include an index of individual postcards, both listed in alphabetical order and by categories.Each page, including this homepage, has the index located in the lower portion of the page. These symbols could be taken as typographic decoration. C horseshoe portraits I have four unrelated portraits, each dated 1922.There are of course stray cards which were probably inscribed many months after they were printed and other inscriptions may be inaccurate but there are enough clues to indicate there is information of value here.Postcards (sometimes spelled out in two words as "post cards") became popular at the turn of the 20th century, especially for sending short messages to friends and relatives. S, and sometimes individuals printed their own postcards as well.


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