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The Numbers tab page contains the functions for defining the number format.

In Tools - Options' - Libre Office - General' you find the area Year (two digits).

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Libre Office internally handles a date/time value as a numerical value.

If you assign the numbering format "Number" to a date or time value, it is converted to a number. The value preceding the decimal point corresponds to the date; the value following the decimal point corresponds to the time.

Otherwise, the DISPUTE COMMITTEE shall make a decision based on the documents available at the REGISTRY by the end of the period. After the deadline of the REGISTRANT to answer and send documents, the DISPUTE COMMITTEE makes a decision in a closed session about the dispute, based on the documents from both sides provided by the respective deadlines. Based on the position of the DIPSUTE COMMITTEE, the REGISTRY makes a decision about the dispute within a 30 /thirty/ day period after the deadlines for provision of documents by the DISPUTE applicant and the REGISTRANT, as both sides in the dispute will be informed of this decision via e-mail through the given to the REGISTRY e-mails addresses, indicated as REGISTRANT and ADMINISTRATIVE CONTACTS by either party. If the decision of the REGISTRY is in favour of the REGISTRANT, the DOMAIN NAME registration shall not be changed. If the decision of the REGISTRY is in favour of the DISPUTE applicant, the latter shall be given the opportunity to make a payment for the registration and support fees of the DOMAIN NAME within a 15 /fifteen/ day period from the notification sent via e-mail, as indicated in it.11.14.

When the REGISTRANT does not have or does not provide grounds to use the LABEL to the REGISTRY by the end of the period indicated in it.11.12., the date of his/her application for DOMAIN NAME registration shall be used as a priority date during DISPUTE. The DOMAIN NAME has been registered with providing grounds to use the LABEL (PROTECTED DOMAIN NAME), but there are preconditions indicated in it.9.4. The notification shall be sent via e-mail to the e-mail addresses of the REGISTRANT and the ADMINISTRATIVE CONTACTS given to the REGISTRY. The DISPUTE applicant shall provide to the REGISTRY all required and additional documents duly signed (The application for DOMAIN NAME registration, the application for DISPUTE, as well as documents, certifying grounds to use the LABEL) within a 30 /thirty/ day period from the creation date of the APPLICATION FOR DISPUTE. If the REGISTRANT is willing to provide an answer to the REGISTRY, as well as documents to serve in his/her protection, beyond the documents provided during the registration or the changes in it, then he/she shall do that within a 30 /thirty/ day period from the notification sent via e-mail.

This sets the period for which two-digit information applies.


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