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Nigel Farage could be acting as a human courier passing secret communications to Julian Assange inside the Ecuadorian embassy, an intelligence expert has said.

Questions have swirled around the connection between the two men after the former UKIP leader was seen going into the embassy last month - where the Wikileaks founder has been holed up since 2012.

After recording "Reflection", the theme for Disney's 1998 film Mulan, Aguilera signed with RCA Records.

The 43-year-old Australian computer hacker started the site in 2006, but it wasn't until the publication of information about the US military, leaked by Chelsea Manning, that Wiki Leaks and its editor-in-chief became household names.

Among the leaks were a video entitled Collateral Murder, showing unarmed Iraqis being gunned down by an American helicopters; the Iraq and Afghanistan war logs, which revealed the true human cost of the conflicts; and over 250,000 diplomatic cables, which shone an uncomfortable spotlight on US foreign policy.

They later filed complaints of rape and molestation - accusations that he denied.

Mr Assange was questioned but never charged, and left the country.

Two were eventually made: We Steal Secrets, a documentary, and The Fifth Estate, starring Benedict Cumberbatch.

Mr Assange spoke out against both films, and in a letter to Cumberbatch said that The Fifth Estate "vilifies and marginalises a living political refugee to the benefit of an entrenched, corrupt and dangerous state".

Aguilera's fifth studio album, Back to Basics (2006), debuted at number one on the album charts of ten countries and spawned the tracks "Ain't No Other Man" and "Hurt".

In 2010, Aguilera released her sixth studio album Bionic and starred in the film Burlesque.

One of the grounds for a donation to be declared impermissible is that it come from a foreign source.


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