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Men usually think honesty, freedom of expression, and the art of avoiding conflict are must-have traits.The modern Swedish man is living in a highly feminist culture and is quite progressive; he does his fair share of housework and child-care.Take time to get to know who it is you are dating and don't make assumptions about how they should behave this can insulting in fact.

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Date one of them if you wish for a respectful and equal relationship!

People in Sweden work hard but not too hard; they take the time to go out and enjoy themselves, and their families.

Some people in Northern areas of Sweden will speed Saami or Finnish.

Ever since moving to Europe three years ago, and particularly since launching this male-objectifying exercise of a blog, I have been repeatedly advised – no, instructed – to go to Scandinavia.

So, I am well up for taking the lead in romantic matters. I spotted the guy as soon as we arrived: tall, blond (I suppose you could have guessed that); definitely cute. Ahh well, practice makes perfect 😉 Because as terrifying as it is, I like feeling free to start a conversation with someone who has caught my eye rather than feeling trapped by ridiculous and archaic notions of men liking to make the moves.

It’s terrifying and horrible and you might accidentally make a dent in someone’s sweater with your nose, but there’s nothing like exhilaration when you get that phone number!

I *might* have once been caught by the guy in question doing a dance of triumph (which consisted mostly of the running man) for my friends.. And ‘make the moves’ doesn’t stop with the first move, either: it’s fun in general to sit the driver’s seat, deciding whether or not to call after a date rather than sitting by the phone wishing and hoping.

If you wish to date a Swedish guy, or if you are already dating a Swedish guy, you might be wondering about how this could be different from dating guys from your own culture and how you can go about preparing yourself for the experience and making sure that you account for their nationality.

The family in Sweden is extremely important and its environment for raising children is considered one of the best in the world.

Maternity and paternity leave is one of the longest and most generous in the world, and family friendly environments are almost everywhere, and social welfare is generous too.

Meeting Swedish Men If you want to meet a Swedish guy then there are many ways to go about doing this.


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