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If your application uses datasets to store data, then you can simply update the records in the desired methods to send data from your objects directly to the database.

The hostname field specifies the hostname of the server you wish to connect to. This means your comment be automatically sent into moderation and you won't receive emails when a user replies.

has been deprecated in the Latest Android Nougat version.

It is recommended that existing installations of Bold for Delphi be uninstalled before installing this update.

To run this install the original CD must be available.

If your users collect email addresses, odds are they want to send emails to persons in the database and before long, someone's going to get it into their head to send out an email "blast" or batch.

There are several approaches to this request and over the years, I've used them all.What you really need is an engine to send individualized emails, one at a time.That's the subject of this month's article, and one solution (of many potential solutions) is in the attached download. It's assumed you have a table with the person-email information. To implement the demonstration code you'll have to make a few edits, if your table is not thus named.Failing to do so will prevent Delphi from completing its installation correctly.This update is a complete install of Bold for Delphi Architect R4.0-D7.Users like to look back to see what messages were sent and to whom, so tbl Email serves as a correspondence history of sorts.


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