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Brooks," "Dan in Real Life," and the new-to-DVD "Good Luck Chuck." In an exclusive look-back-and-look-forward interview with MTV News, Cook talked turkey on the sex montage in "Chuck," what he makes of Jessica Alba calling the movie "porn," what special ranking the flick earned from Roger Ebert, and what it's like being called one of the most influential people in the world. Dane Cook: I don't know if it's a world record, but it's a Laugh Factory record. " MTV: For the "Good Luck Chuck" DVD, you have some pretty crazy special features. Cook: The first thing I did when they showed me the rough cut of the sex matrix, I said, "Somebody's got to go through frame by frame and make sure my [privates] aren't swinging around.It was accompanied by the greatest sleep of my life. I know someone's gonna freeze-frame it, some DVD person who's got a program on their computer is gonna find my bits and pieces. MTV: Frankly, my favorite part of the sex matrix is how it's described on the box.I'm reading this dumb book, and it's getting in my head," Jessica Alba says, as she digs through her giant studded Gerard Darel bag and pulls out a white hardcover buried among the bottles of acidophilus and chlorella supplements that have been rattling around in there for about a month, since she embarked on a new no caffeine or booze, endless glasses of water, truckloads of fruits and vegetables regimen.

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"Stunned or not," she reads, "cows and hogs are then 'strung up' from the ceiling by a chain attached to their legs.

In theory, while they dangle there, they are supposed to be unconscious.

SANTA MONICA, California — Long gone are the days when the world's most popular stand-up comedian was also its biggest box-office draw, but, in the case of Dane Cook, you sure as heck can't say that it's for lack of effort.

The man with 2.5 million My Space friends was in a Jude Law-esque three movies this year: "Mr. [On January 1-2, Cook broke Dave Chappelle's comedy-endurance record at West Hollywood, California's Laugh Factory].

PHOTOS: Jessica Simpson's many Us Weekly covers The first question was light.

Laughing, Cook revealed: "I think she said one day, ' Are we making a movie?!

Following the break up, Stu and Chuck decide to attend the wedding of one of Chuck’s ex-girlfriends, Katie.

At Katie’s wedding, Chuck becomes enamored with Cam Wexler (Jessica Alba), a clumsy, yet attractive and friendly marine biologist.

But often they are fully conscious, struggling, screaming, and fearfully staring at the workers while they have their throats stabbed open." Alba peers up at me, mouth agape, then buries her nose in the book and describes the work of the wretched souls whose résumés include the words head skinner.


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