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In the Eighties, blondes reasserted themselves – the Diana effect.

There was no excavation work yet in the backyard, where the new wing will go.

The Site Plan Review document says July 2016 to August 2017. An industrial property in the Inlet Corridor of Ithaca town has exchanged hands.

Going to take advantage of this light week to go through some of the photo stash.

I thought of doing a Poet’s Landing update, but because Le Chase is mostly working on site clearing/prep and excavation at this point, and given the snow on the ground, it didn’t seem like there was a whole lot to be gained from making a unique update.

Last September, I met Joe De Sena at his in-laws’ house in suburban Massachusetts.

Earlier that day, De Sena had driven south from Vermont for a meeting in Boston, and we had arranged to get together for dinner.The six new apartment buildings and their 48 units should be ready by the fall of 2017. 107 South Albany in the city is another one that doesn’t merit its own post just yet, but work should be taking place at some point soon.The building permits have been filed with the city for the 6-unit, 9-bedroom renovation and addition to the rear of the existing building, and from peering inside the existing windows, there’s the impression that interior demolition work could be underway – could explain the broken window on the second floor at least.Gentlemen prefer blondes FALSE Last month, researchers from the University of Westminster sent a woman to three different nightclubs with her hair dyed brunette, blonde and red, and recorded how many men approached her, and how they rated pictures of her.The study found that although the “blonde” received far more offers on the dance floor, the “brunette” was rated higher for perceived attractiveness and intelligence. In most societies, blondes are much rarer than brunettes (more than 90 per cent of us have dark hair), so it may simply be that in a dark, noisy environment, blondes stand out.But, rest assured, it’s still underway, there’s just not a whole lot to see at the moment.

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