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Liban decided to make the documentary after signing on with the Denver District Attorney’s office to make a shorter piece for the John School, a program aimed at rehabilitating first-time offenders caught purchasing sex.

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Not all registered offenders can be posted on this web site.

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JULY 27--America’s worst landlord has pleaded guilty to sneaking into a married couple’s apartment and having sex on their bed with another man, an encounter that was recorded by a surveillance camera in the residence.

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You can also join our Talent Network to receive news about upcoming events or to receive job alerts on new opportunities.Quijada-Lara’s daytime tryst was discovered thanks to a Nest security system that was installed in the 00-a-month apartment by the tenants.After Quijada-Lara and his partner entered the bedroom, Pierce received a notification on his phone that the surveillance system had detected noise in the residence.Even before construction began earlier this year, heading down Pueblo Boulevard hasn't exactly been an easy ride.Vandals caused about ,000 worth of damage to the new John Venezia Park in Briargate.Clouds have been trying to clear overnight so it will be a brighter start to the day.


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