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There are plenty of atypical things I am willing to do between the sheets, but shower sex does not fall among them.

Shower sex is easily one of the most overrated methods of penetration in the history of ever.

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This is what we're supposed to think of shower sex: You're in the shower with your man; it's all hot and wet. Here's why I f*cking hate shower sex: You are standing in a shower. If you are getting physical, it is very likely one or both of you will eat sh*t. In a tiny, narrow shower, there is not enough room for both of you to be under the water at the same time.

The water is a magical, warm temperature and you are taking turns lathering each other up amongst thick, white clouds of steam. Over the side of the tub you will go and either break a hip or seriously damage your face against the sink, toilet or the tile floor. So, you need to constantly change places, which is awkward and in no way sexy.

Even Sarah Silverman’s song in the nursing home, telling old people that they’re going to die soon, has a point, reminding us of our mortality and the possiblity that many of us may in fact wind up in such homes.

It’s at once disturbing and funny, and funny it’s disturbing.

All of those performances have been seen as offensive, but does anyone have the right to ban them, or even say that they shouldn’t be performed?

I've tried it; in fact, I've dedicated serious effort toward working to enjoy it, but I've deemed it impossible.

It beehoves us, as liberals who love science, to at least consider the arguments of our opponents—unless, as in the case of racism, they’re so far out of bounds that the issue can be seen as settled.

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