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It was pointed out by someone else, later in this review, that the term "6 Gun" is another way to say "revolver." Gotta keep that shit original. The basic concept is that they center their magic around the use of guns to do things like manipulate bullet trajectory and locate where people are hiding. However, they can only use flintlocks because their magic won't work otherwise.

And they aren't as good as full-fledged mages, of which only maybe four have appeared, for about ten pages (it's implied that there are many more).

) driver testing site Dan Creed [1] - Dang Blasted Idiot [1] customer at The Ale House Danny Wyman [1] - Dark Wood [1] - Dates [73] entries with days, dates, ages, etc Day One [3] live-action movie adaptation of the first Misfile book via Kickstarter Daye Spa [5] - Devil Ash [2] - Diet [1] - Diner [52] generic: diners, cafe, restaurant Dirt Road [7] - Dog Walsh [3] Dog-owning Walsh clan member Dollar Sign [1] - Doris [3] caterer Dr Patricia Warding [3] - Dream [40] from daydreams to nightmares Dress [82] Ash in a …

Divided into five branches, four of which have an Archon CFS1 [0] First Branch: facets of time, space and celestial motion CFS2 [0] Second Branch: maintaining physical laws of the Creation CFS3 [1] Third Branch: (also? Cabinet [2] - Cafe225 [2] café in Tempest Cafe Marat [6] café in Tempest Cake [1] - California [1] - Camera [21] takes pictures Canada [10] - Cancer [4] Ellen Mc Arthur had a non-malignant tumour when Emily was young. Chicks [1] - Chili Cheese Fries [1] - Chocolate [10] mmmm!

) maintaining the physical laws of the Creation CFS4 [5] Fourth Branch: takes measurements on Earth and compares them to extrapolations from the filing system CFS5 [5] Fifth Branch: deals with fairly mundane aspects of life on earth. See also June Candle [3] decorative/romantic light & scent source Cannabis [2] - Cantina32 [8] restaurant in Tempest’s main street Cap Kid [5] generic: some kid wearing a cap Car [2] - Car Oil [1] - Car Sale [5] car sale lots Card Shop [3] selling greeting cards Carter Hughes [4] - Cas Home [2] where Casper lives, somewhere on Cape Cod Casper [28] ‘Cas’, racer in Cape Cod, friend of Brent; drives an MR2 Casper Car [5] MR2 Cassi [95] Cassiel’s dark-haired ‘mortal schoolgirl’ guise for stalking/harassing Rumisiel Cassi Creepy [1] alternative disguise used by Cassiel Cassi Lunch Lady [1] alternative disguise used by Cassiel Cassie [2] - Cassiel [189] angel, works for 4th Branch of the CFS, Rumisiel’s ex-. Also see Cassi Cat [32] - Cat And Mouse [3] background, associated with Marie Cat Call Driver [1] - Chain [1] - Chain Saw [2] for cutting trees, or zombies Chains [18] unhappy bind-y background Chair [2] - Cherub [1] - Cherubim [8] very different from our regular angels: ‘gestalt being, four aspects, unpredictable’, also four wings. Chris Hazelton [1] the author/artist himself Christmas Bauble [1] - Christmas Tree [3] - Church [4] - Cigarette [2] - Cinema [22] generic: popcorn sales outlets Clam [1] - Cliff [5] - Clock [4] - Clock Tower [3] highest central point in Tempest Clothes Shop [16] generic Coffee [1] - Coin [1] - Coke Can [1] - Cola [1] - Colin [24] an heroic ‘Everyman’ figure, works at Auto Moder Z; drives a Camaro “with 20 inch rims and a Borla exhaust” College [1] - College Guide [2] - Colour [67] page in colour rather than the usual pencil greyscale Computer [43] generic, probably a consumer grade Windows XP Home box Corner22 [2] location of the Old Shed on the Old Road Costume Shop [3] “Another Face” Cover [29] start of a new book/chapter Cricket [1] - Cupid Bow [1] stylised bow and arrow DMV [2] Department of Motor Vehicles (?

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The story is so far just as great as his other books so I know volume 2 is going to be great. His newest book "Steelwing Shattered" is griping and suspenseful, an awesome sci-fi adventure with deep and thoughtful characters, definitely equaling any thing I've ever read before.

In order to change things back to the way they were, they must play along to ensure that Rumisiel (the angel who caused this mess in the first place!

) gets back into heaven before the bosses find out and make the changes permanent.

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It chronicles the story of Ash Upton and Emily Mc Arthur who, after a universal filing error in the Celestial Filing Depository, find that their lives are very different than they were the day prior.


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  2. From the artist's workstation to the various rendering nodes, Render Pal V2 takes care of the entire rendering pipeline.

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  4. Papers from the 41st Annual Conference of Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology (CAA), Perth, 25-28 March 2013., Publisher: Amsterdam Press, Editors: Arianna Traviglia, pp.144-155The paper will examine the use of RTI and photogrammetry of the British Museum’s Hoa Hakananai’a Easter Island statue.

  5. A frightening tour through America's gun culture by way of a single weapon -- a semiautomatic hailed by its manufacturer as "the gun that made the '80s roar," and a single criminal -- a troubled Virginia teenager who used the gun in a terrifying rampage.

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