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When asked how they kept in touch with their secret lovers the majority - 72 per cent - said they used a mobile phone, with the remaining respondents stating email (18 per cent) and online chat rooms (ten per cent).Other means of keeping affairs secret included putting a lock screen on the phone (21 per cent) using a pseudonym for the lover (18 per cent) deleting texts (16 per cent) and even purchasing a completely separate phone (12 per cent).

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First of all, there is a lot of complaining about this feature out there.

Too bad EA isn't reading these and addressing concerns. Apparently there is a random possibility of being accused, even though no actual cheating occurred. EA is failing to realize the effort we players make with regards to our Sim relationships and is crushing them without our having the ability to refuse.

The 32bit DS/DSLite/DSi/DSi XL line, Nintendo’s successor to the Game Boy line, were two-screened, touch-screen-enabled portable game systems that took the world by storm; continuing Nintendo’s massive success as the portable keymaker by dropping retro masterpieces left & right since it’s 2004 debut.

And even though it’s nearly 2015, you can still find new DS games in a few stores.

I had a legitimate great time with this silly game, much thanks to everyone involved. I decided to throw it all into one post, so it isn’t in two parts like I thought I’d put it together. Make sure to tip the creator if you can, you can get this game for free here.

And just for funsies, my own personal favorite path list of the NB dudes: Jared, Shane, PBG, Satch, Paul, Jon, Jirard. Satch Route GENERAL HINTS IF YOU WANT TO TRY YOURSELF FIRST: Satch values kindness, friendship, forgiveness, and loyalty. This decision seems to give you 5 tournament points. ) is to say no to EVERYONE (which makes sense, since he’s, you know, the HB guy). My only advice is to consider whether keeping his secret from everyone is healthy for him and have Hana be honest with her feelings when the question is posed to her. You’ll know if you got it right with how the two of you do in the tournament. He does seem to pop up as an option with some of the guys Hana doesn’t have a early connection moment with, like Jon and Shane, however.—At this point, it all divides up depending on who Hana is wooing. I had to create a new Sim because again, I wanted a certain look versus the weird options EA gives us, and (b) single Sims are snapped up before my Sim can get over to their house.Her teen daughter had a boyfriend she left behind when she went to college and, when she got a boyfriend there (why doesn't a teens' friends follow them to college?First, he has to ensure they all have a minimum of five members.

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