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María V.'s case is one of so many now forcing us to reexamine today's culture of consent. Just when she thought the pain of the breakup was over, she received a message from a friend, which read, “I saw [a photograph of] you in the Whatsapp group I have with the guys from football. : D” Her friend even attached a screenshot from the chat group: it was an intimate photo she'd taken for her ex, with the promise that he'd never share it with anyone else. The photograph had been leaked online and was being shared by strangers over instant messaging.

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Obscuracam and Wickr are some messaging apps that allow you to encrypt chats and pixelate images when sending them.

Other more popular messaging services—like Whatsapp, Telegram, Tinder, and Facebook—do not.

Seduction and sex as weapon is as old as the story of Delilah, when she seduced the powerful Samson.

“Delilahs” in 21st century are Pro-Assad hackers who have tricked Syria's rebels (possibly, some from ISIS) into falling for the oldest scam on the Internet in chats with “girls”. IMAN: 10-3-88 TARGET: Lololol TARGET: 10-3-89 IMAN: What a nice coincidence IMAN: Sent file TARGET: You drive me crazy Iman and the victim sharing the same date of birth is no coincidence.

Is it a hookup, a love story, paid sex, a chat room, a massage with a happy ending?

And when we say "infidelity," what exactly do we mean?

An organization called Coding Rights says sexting and sharing nude photographs can be a “pleasurable resistance to misogyny, conservatism, and heteronormavity,” but the group is also seeking ways to protect people from forms of violence that can result when sexting relationships go bad.

With this goal in mind, Coding Rights has released a guidebook on sending nude photos safely, without spoiling the fun.

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Its special report “Behind The Syrian Conflict's Digital Front Lines” [pdf], focuses on the Syrian regime's sex-based hacking operations: We uncovered these battle plans in the course of our ongoing threat research.

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