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Colourful photographs of damsels and dragons, movie posters and modern artwork line the walls.

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But here on the faithful road, just as the landscape turns harsh and veiled with the dust of spring winds, I start to feel the promise of a cure. Rocky hills relent to flatlands, cows dot the vast monochrome like porcelain figurines, and abandoned farmsteads cling to the land as reminders of past hope.

The uncluttered landscape invites my mind to do the same.

A pink sofa and small cactus rest beside the door, but otherwise the place is sparsely furnished and the walls left white. She welcomes me with a hug and we sit down on the couch to chat.

Anxious to escape the emptiness, I head out to seek company. Her place is warmly and carefully decorated: sofas, coffee tables and plants arranged in cozy clusters.

(Col 1:3-5) Isn’t that surprising—both our faith and our love “spring from” or “result from” our hope. The highest things that make a heart worth having and a life worth living—they rise or fall upon the condition of our hope.

Which makes hope the mightiest force of all (love is the noblest; hope is the linchpin.) It would be good to pause and ask yourself, The answer may be startling to you.

A life without faith has no meaning; a life without love simply isn’t worth living; but a life without hope is a dark cavern from which you never escape.

These things aren’t simply “virtues.” Faith, hope and love are mighty forces.

I may be on chapter one of my Daxko journey, but if the rest of the book is anything like the beginning, I can’t wait to read more!

Editor’s Note: This post is less about Daxko and more about a team member and something they do that they hold near and dear to their heart. When I’m not busy being a Project Manager at Daxko, I find myself drawn to a lot of different things, many of which can be attributed to my parents.

The community is so vibrant and outgoing; everyone permeates enthusiasm.


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