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From the standpoint of most collectors of antique bottles, the name and location of the company the bottle was made for, and the name of the product that was originally contained in the bottle (one or both of which may be embossed on the bottle) is often considered to be of more interest or importance than the glass factory where the bottle was actually manufactured.However, this site is geared with more emphasis on the actual themselves.

Bottle dating books

This list primarily includes marks that represent the actual glass company that made the container.

Many marks are encountered that indicate the company whose product was contained within it, or are trademarks (“brand names”) that give no indication of who actually made the glass, and those are (with quite a few exceptions) , not included in my list.

The pressure from the automatic machine was strong and the molds fit tight leaving only a very thin line.

One of the most frequently asked questions about old bottles is, 'How old is this bottle?

The hard bound version is one volume and sells for $88.

Postage and handling is .00 per set for Media Mail, or .00 for USPS Priority Mail.

Researcher/historian Tod Von Mechow has compiled a large quantity of in-depth information on antique beer bottles, including both pottery and glass bottles.

I would encourage anyone interested in makers’ marks on beer bottles (and soda bottles) to check out his site…..

The third picture shows the base of a milk bottle from just after the trun of the century.

The disk-like mark is sometimes confused with a pontil.

The pictures below are from two early machine made medicine bottles.

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