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The ease with which I could moan and groan while dressed in what felt sexy to me made that second call go by smoothly. You’re not going to sound sexy unless you actually feel it."2) "I focused on listing dirty adjectives (hot, sexy, wet, throbbing, etc.) and pet names (handsome, big daddy, sergeant sexy, etc.)," she says. ' I also noticed that it’s way more impactful to start a phrase with 'you’re making me feel…' rather than to say ' I feel so….' By crediting the caller for how you feel, you pet their ego and enhance their experience."3) "I set aside some rubber bands to mimic the smacking of flesh," Berliet explains. Every home is rife with sexy noise-making props if you’re willing to find them.

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The actor, director and chum of Quentin Tarantino has revealed that he also used to be a sex worker.

The Inglorious Basterds star recently told Pop Wrap that he made money as a student by working as an online sex operator.

The following is an account of the single, awful day I spent as a sex chat line operator. Lots of women raved over how simple it was to make a generous amount of money: ‘’ Out of curiosity, the promise of easy cash, or god knows what else, I applied. I had the ‘handbook’ sent to me by email – reading through that was certainly an eye opener and should have been enough of a warning, but the money… It said that before I could be an operator, I’d have to take a telephone test of ten questions, with a required pass mark of 80% otherwise my details would be deleted from their system. Next, I had to speak to someone on the main helpline, in order to choose the areas I’d be ‘acting’ in. I sat awkwardly as he asked me which of the fields I wanted to perform: Once he’d gone through them all and I’d picked the ones I felt comfortable with (ha!

During a conversation about quick money making schemes, a ‘friend’ mentioned that I’d be probably be quite good at being a sex chat line operator, and it would be easy money. ), he gave me a unique PIN number that I’d have to dial into the phone whenever I wanted to log on.

‘When I was in college, I used to work as an online operator for Penthouse, posing as a woman called Tami,’ revealed the Hostel director. They hired guys because guys know what other guys want to hear.’ ‘The creepy thing was, because this was in 1991, we only got doctors and scientists because they were the ones using the internet,’ added Eli.

Apparently some of his colleagues really got into the work and were clearly pretty good at it. ‘Tami was a dirty wh*re who lived in the East Village in New York,’ said Roth.

“Now all you have to do is record your greetings for each section, then you can start.

Best of luck, and have a good day.” Nobody seemed to be acknowledging that this was the worst thing I’d ever done in my life, maybe I was over-reacting? They had to be overtly sexual, with ‘giggling, and possibly sexual noises thrown in’.

If you're looking to start a new career, the phone sex industry might be for you.

Yes, despite the Internet sucking the life out of it, phone sex still exists.

Has anyone asked if they could listen to you peeing today?


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  3. Now that you have some good equipment, it’s time to learn how to weedeat like the pros…

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