Antrel rolle and julissa still dating dating words of wisdom

1st love and yes she is a big hoe but so is he lol well I found an ig page for the "park broad" with a little help from a friend :) lol (made it my business to shut up the naysayers) well she made it clear that they are f**king a few nights ago she put a post up with them laying naked in what looked like a hotel room tried to block out his face too bad he isn't hard to make out. With a little more research I probably will find out how nasty a w**re she is too because we all know he only chases after filthy industry chickens. been sleeping with him over a year now until he moved to chicago.

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When she found out he got Valene who he told her was his ex pregnant she dumped him. That's the curse of it they smash all these bad bitches but at the end they get stuck with ugly baby mommas!!! From all those hot chicks they be banging this the type of baby mommas they fall on and be stuck for the rest of their lives! She got lucky from what I can see bc if it wasn't for Antrel who else would want to smash that!

Lol I just played along with him smh he seems down to earth though lol if that means anything He was friends with a girl name Stacy for years wouldn't stop until he convinced her that they should be more than friends. Keep hating Most of these ballers baby mommas are ugly!

Val (jr mom) just showed me strength to the 20th power! Love u girl 🙏🙏💯💯 #IHope He Looks Like His Mother #Celious #Thats My Boy #babyrolle Antrel Rolle’s girlfriend was praised by him as well, and he said even after thirteen years of knowing someone he continue to finds new strength in her.

That’s a very nice compliment to give someone, and the birth of their son together most certainly drew them closer together.

Things got pretty spicy between Maxwell and Julissa Bermudez on Tuesday afternoon in Miami … The 40 year old singer and the 30 year old actress TV host were spotted being overly flirtatious as they frolicked around and playfully grabbed each other in the ocean.

Maxwell showed off his hot beach bod in a pair of black sunglasses and swim trunks while Julissa kept it sexy in a black two piece and leopard print cover-up.But she's in for a rude awakening when she tanks a rehearsal in front of singer-songwriter Ne-Yo because she can't seem to let go of the past.Can Adrienne get focused in time before she loses Ne-Yo and her management's support?As a senior, he compiled three interceptions and 86 tackles; on offense, he had four receptions for 160 yards and a touchdown.In track & field, Rolle was a state qualifier in the hurdling events.The alleged couple was later photographed relaxing on the beach and at one point it looks like the two took a moment take a photo with a fan.

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