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The mother of a glamorous Little Rock news anchor who was brutally murdered has been told today she can proceed with a lawsuit against the hospital that treated her daughter where three employees illegally looked at her files.

The Arkansas Supreme Court ruled that Patricia Cannady can sue St.

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(CBS/AP) Curtis Lavelle Vance, the man accused of killing beautiful Arkansas television anchorwoman Anne Pressly, told police he beat her with a wood-handled garden tool after she awoke and found him committing a sex act beside her bed, a detective testified Tuesday.

Vance described how he hit the KATV personality as many as five times, shattering her left arm as she held it up to shield her face, Little Rock police Detective Tommy Hudson said.

Vance himself has claimed police shoved a gun in his face at one point to get him to confess. 25, 2008, as authorities looked into possible connections between the Pressly attack and an unsolved rape in Vance's hometown, about 90 miles east of Little Rock.

White also testified that laboratory testing found that a hair found in Pressly's home matched Vance's DNA.

On October 20, 2008, she was brutally attacked during a robbery at her home and died five days later. on October 20, 2008, a half-hour before she was due to appear on the station's Daybreak program.

Little Rock police were alerted by her mother, Patricia Cannady, when Pressly did not answer her wake-up call.

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She was born in Beaufort, South Carolina and grew up in Greenville.

She moved to Little Rock during her high school junior year when her mother remarried.

'What you have is an 1883 law being applied in the 21st century when we now have computers, other electronic access to media, Twitter, Facebook - all sorts of ability to mine and search for data across the entire spectrum electronically that was not contemplated in 1883,' said Pressly's father Guy Cannady in a September interview with Channel 7 News.

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