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After I left Master’s Commission, I dated a guy named Ruben.

He was the kind of guy I dated to piss off my dad–Jehovah’s Witness, party animal, etc.

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The petition itself isn’t convincing enough either.

Find another way to reach the Electoral College, specifically the Electors chosen by your state, and include all of the recent developments thus far (why you think Pence as leader of the transition team is a bad idea, why you believe having a GOP controlled government will have a negative impact on the country, how Trump’s election has led to an increase in hate crimes and enabled bigotry, etc.). Talk about the dangers of letting someone who can’t control his words online, speak to and about other world leaders.

I can tell it has good intentions and from what I’ve read, even Trump agreed that the Electoral College is a problematic and imperfect system.

But I read the letter that was going to be sent to the Electoral College and I could see that it wasn’t enough.

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  4. Consequently, any service provider having a designation in the old directory, in order to maintain an active designation with the Office, must submit a new designation electronically using the new online registration system by December 31, 2017. To search for a service provider’s most up-to-date designation, begin by using the new DMCA designated agent directory, available here.

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